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13 Public Speaking Mistakes You Must Avoid To Reduce Your Anxiety

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74% of people suffer from public speaking anxiety according to research carried out by the American National Institute of Mental Health.  

This public speaking anxiety is commonly referred to as a fear of public speaking.

The website Business Insider, covered 13 public speaking mistakes that you should avoid.

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Many of these mistakes can be avoided by being well prepared in advance of delivering the speech.

So why don’t we properly prepare?

When we have a fear of something, it’s only natural for us to want to avoid it.

We tend to leave our speech research, preparation and practice until the last moment.   

This then creates the problem.

When we don’t feel prepared, it creates in us higher levels of public speaking anxiety. These build as the moment for us to deliver our speech approaches. 

Yet, the levels of stress and anxiety we feel can be reduced by putting in some time and effort well in advance of the speech. 

The mistakes which are easily avoided by preparing well in advance are:

1. Not tailoring your message to your audience
2. Not rehearsing
3. Data dumping
4. Not inspiring
5. Not crafting a powerful opening
6. Reading from your slides
7. Ending with Q&A

As your experience and confidence grow, it then becomes much easier to avoid the other “mistakes” listed in the article. These are:

8. Eye dart
9. Distracting mannerisms
10. Low energy
11. Lack of pauses
12. Using too much (or not enough) humour
13. Making an excuse or an apology

The key to growing public speaking confidence is to always prepare and practice in advance so you can get to know your content and feel confident with it.

You can read more about these 13 public speaking mistakes in the Business Insider article Here

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