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Ensuring Your Business Presentations Are Remembered

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How can you close your business presentations with an impact so that everyone attending the meeting will remember it?

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In a previous post, we covered the 4 biggest mistakes professionals make when closing their presentations.

Now we will examine several methods I’ve used to close business presentations that are guaranteed to capture the audience’s attention, creating a long-lasting impact on them.

1) Personal Story
A personal story will always have the most impact on those listening to you, especially if you’re able to show how your proposition has or will affect someone’s life.

The story you share may well be based on one of your personal experiences or other sources such as a colleague, client or customer.

A story of how your proposal, product or service has impacted on them will bring the presentation to life as people will easily relate to it.

If you’re identifying people while telling the story, be sure to have their permission first.

2) Read an Email
If you’ve received an email from a customer or a person influential in your business that endorses the proposal in your presentation, this can be extremely effective.

3) Restate Your Opening
Restating your opening sentences and reiterating the key points as your close, can be a highly effective way of reinforcing the key points from your presentation.

4) Repeat Your Opening
If a rhetorical question was used to open your speech, it might also be suitable to be repeated as the close of your presentation.

5) Quotations
The unusual or unheard quote that you’re planning on using for your opening sentence may also be suitable to use for the final one.

You can simply repeat the quote.

Select the best closing structure for your presentation, stand out and be remembered!

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Ensuring Your Business Presentations Are Remembered

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