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Creating and Delivering Presentations

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When creating and delivering presentations, we will often personally know the people attending the meeting at which we are speaking. The meeting attendees may be colleagues, clients or class mates.

Creating and Delivering Presentations

Creating and delivering presentations on the occasions when you have an opportunity to speak at external meetings such as at a client site, local networking group, community club or perhaps even at larger events will require additional information.

When you have the chance to speak at external meetings, it will benefit you to know some details of the people who have previously presented at the meeting.

Once the invitation has been confirmed, some questions to consider asking the organiser are: -

  • What did the organiser like about the speakers?
  • What subjects did the speakers cover?
  • What do they feel the other speakers could have done better?
  • What was the feedback from attendees?

The details and information will help you with creating and delivering presentations when speaking at any meeting that you have yet to attend and meet the members or regular attendees.

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Creating and Delivering Presentations

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