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Moving to Public Speaking Confidence

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When delivering a presentation, it will be during the few minutes before you start where your public speaking confidence will take a hit as any nerves or anxiety reach their peak.

Public Speaking Confidence
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These were the moments when I used to experience every single known symptom of public speaking nerves.

Let me share with you some ways that helped me to lose and reduce those feelings of extreme anxiety I had always experienced, so you can build and maintain your public speaking confidence

When you’re speaking in a large room, take the opportunity before you’re introduced to stand up and walk to the back.

The opportunity to move before speaking gives you the chance to loosen up and ensure your legs haven’t “gone to sleep”.

Moving around will also help you burn off nervous energy, which is all part of the process of getting ready for your presentation.

A seat towards the back of the room is ideal as you won’t draw any attention from those attending the meeting as you stand up in advance of your speech.

When feeling anxious or nervous, we tend to take rapid, shallow breaths.  This type of breathing reduces the oxygen in our body, leading to increased feelings of stress.

While at the back of the room, stand with your back straight, head up and arms hanging loosely at your sides.

Use this open posture to take some slow, steady and silent deep breaths.  As you take these breaths, notice how any anxiety now starts to reduce. 

When introduced as the next speaker, or it’s your turn to speak, the longer walk from the back of the room to the speaking area will give you another opportunity to use up some nervous energy, loosen up and focus your mind.

While easy to execute, this is such an effective action to help you feel ready for your presentation.

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