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Engage Your Audience: Tips For Public Speaking and in Presentations

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When speaking in public, one of your key goals will be to connect and engage with your audience successfully. These tips can be used for all public speaking and in presentations to engage your audience.

When you are able to engage your audience in public speaking and in presentations, it will ensure they leave the meeting feeling you’ve spoken directly to them, addressing their concerns while helping to make delivering the presentation more straightforward for you.

One the most effective for achieving this connection and engagement is by getting the audience actively involved in the presentation.

Here are 3 ways to achieve this.

Favourite Word.
There is one word everyone loves to hear.

Our own name. Have you ever noticed how quickly you can spot your name on a list? It just seems to jump out, doesn’t it?

During your presentation, a compelling way to get everyone engaged is to quote members of your audience, using their names.

You can retell a story that someone has told you or perhaps comment on the work that they’ve achieved.

When using individual names, your audience pays close attention.

When you do something that is unexpected, it will immediately engage the attention of the audience.

It doesn’t have to be outrageous (fortunately) and can be as simple as showing a video, playing an audio track or using a prop.

Anything unexpected would draw in your audience.

Thoughts, Ideas and Feedback.
Asking the audience for their thoughts, ideas and feedback is a highly effective way to engage them.

This works well in company meetings as everyone will feel they’ve had the opportunity to make a contribution.

It can just be asking the audience for a show of hands. If there is time, the audience could break into groups and later feedback to everyone.

The purpose, occasion and audience will determine if this is appropriate.

If at any point during your presentation you feel the audience has stopped paying attention, asking for their thoughts ideas and feedback will immediately have them re-engaging with you.

Whereas the other speakers will rely on a few slides and a whizzy graphic, you truly would have captured the audience’s attention and engaged with them, making it a successful, professional presentation.

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Engage Your Audience Tips For Public Speaking and in Presentations

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