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Public Speaking Anxiety

Every person you have ever seen delivering a presentation will have experienced some level of public speaking anxiety.

Public Speaking Anxiety

While public speaking anxiety is natural and normal, there is one way in which we can increase the nerves experienced.

When speaking in public, there is a chance you may make a mistake.

The mistake may be mispronouncing a word, showing the wrong slide or possibly losing your place.

One step to help you with any public speaking anxiety is to acknowledge that you may make a mistake when presenting at the meeting.

Presentation & Public Speaking Anxiety

Making a mistake is perfectly OK!

While chatting to colleagues, family and friends, we may mispronounce a word or lose track of thought without giving it any significance or importance.

You will have seen other speakers making mistakes in the past without giving it a second thought.

It is unlikely anyone attending will notice any mistake that you happen to make, and if they do, it will soon be forgotten.

Acknowledging and accepting little mistakes can occasionally happen while you are speaking, will free you from the worry that they could occur.

This acknowledgement will now help to reduce any public speaking anxiety, helping you feel more relaxed and confident.

About the Author

Andy O'Sullivan is an international bestselling author of 5 books on public speakingpitching and presenting. Andy is a speaker and educator on the subject of how to survive and thrive in the business world with effective public speaking, pitching and presentation skills.

Andy O'Sullivan is an international bestselling author of 5 books on public speaking, pitching and presenting
Andy O'Sullivan - International Bestselling Author, Speaker and Educator