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Dating is Similar to Public Speaking

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There is a similarity to the feelings experienced when we are going on a date and have the opportunity for any public speaking.

Public Speaking

Do you remember the excitement of going on a date?

The build-up in the days before as we worked out where we would go, what we would wear, and perhaps even say.

Maybe you mentally prepared how your time together would go?

Do you recall the buzz, nerves and butterflies in advance of the first date?

Unless you are fortunate, this is something we go through many times searching for that one special person.

Being nervous before a date is natural as you are eager and excited to be seeing them.

Have you ever noticed how we experience some of the same symptoms as when speaking in public?

Symptoms of nerves, apprehension, butterflies, etc.

These are now, however, viewed differently. This time, it may even get referred to as a 'phobia of public speaking'.

Some feelings of nervousness in the lead up to any occasion important to you, such as a date or delivering a presentation, are entirely natural.

Acknowledging to yourself that public speaking nerves are completely normal, is the first step to building confidence.

Everyone you will have seen delivering confident speech in public will have experienced the same feelings of nervousness at some stage.

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Andy O'Sullivan is an international bestselling author of 5 books on public speaking, pitching and presenting. Andy is a speaker and educator on the subject of how to survive and thrive in the business world with effective public speaking, pitching and presentation skills.

How Dating is Similar to Public Speaking

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