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Do You Need a Public Speaking Fears Treatment?

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Many of my clients feel they need some kind a public speaking fears treatment to build their confidence.

Public Speaking Fears Treatment

Long before I became a multi-award winning speaker, whenever I used to attend meetings, I would sit wondering why all the other speakers seemed so confident and relaxed, whereas I was so nervous.

That's when I first wondered if I needed some kind of public speaking fears treatment.

This lead me to sit in the meetings and ask a single, powerful question.

What did the other speakers know or were they doing differently to me?

When starting out to speak in public and give presentations, these were the symptoms that I always experienced: -

  • Sweating
  • Dry mouth
  • Sticky palms
  • Pounding heart
  • Butterflies in the belly

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

What physical symptoms do you experience leading up to your presentations?

Over the years, while running my many courses on public speaking, when asking attendees to share some symptoms they experience in the days or hours before speaking in public, these are the same ones that get mentioned every time.

One fascinating revelation always evolves out of this sharing.

Those attending my courses start to realise how they are not the only ones to get nervous or experience these symptoms.

We all do.

In truth, all the other speakers we have ever seen will also have been feeling some public speaking anxiety, even if they would not admit to it.

It is not just speakers who experience nervousness and anxiety before delivering a presentation.

Many professional musicians and actors have admitted to experiencing the same anxiety that they refer to as stage fright.

Sometimes the stage fright becomes so severe, they are physically ill and throw up before their performance.

A few well-known artists who experience this degree of stage fright are Adele, Rhianna and Katy Perry.

We should take some comfort from the knowledge that if these highly talented and accomplished artists experience anxiety before their performances, we as the occasional presenter, are no different.

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Do You Need a Public Speaking Fears Treatment?

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