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Public Speaking Nerves

The gestures made when delivering a presentation can show any public speaking nerves currently being experienced.

Public Speaking Nerves

Public speaking nerves being felt by a speaker can cause them to send signals and signs to everyone that they are feeling nervous, unsure of their speech or the proposal they are presenting.  

Some of the familiar gestures nervous speakers make include: -

  • Playing with their hair
  • Adjusting their glasses
  • Stroking their arm
  • Fiddling with rings or other jewellery

Making any of these gestures is perfectly fine and will go unnoticed by the audience when made occasionally. 

It is when the gestures repeatedly occur or in rapid succession that they can become distracting to everyone watching. 

Drop your hands to the sides if you should ever find yourself making the same gesture regularly or fiddling with your jewellery.

Public Speaking Nerves & Fears

Having your hands hanging relaxed at your side is a neutral position from where you can quickly move them to make clear, purposeful gestures.

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