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Public Speaking Practice For Captivating Content

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Seek to include in your public speaking practice and preparation how you will keep your audience captivated in your content. The suggestions in this article will help you to keep everyone focussed and paying attention.

Public Speaking Practice

Have you noticed how kids play intently with a toy, giving it their undivided attention?

Until they get bored...

Maybe they then bother a sibling, Mum or Dad until they find something else that keeps them interested.

It’s funny that we were all like this as kids and in many ways still are.

That’s why variety is a critical key to public speaking.

Whenever you witness other speakers just talking at everyone, it doesn’t take long before attention soon starts to wander.

Yet, it's effortless to keep the undivided attention of everyone listening to your presentation.


Just by engaging with them and adding some variety.

Here are some of the ways you can now keep everyone's attention on your presentation:-

  • Show of hands
  • Questions
  • Rhetorical questions
  • Breakouts
  • Demonstrations
  • Props
  • Sharing thoughts/ideas with a partner
  • Visual aids

Simply treat this list as a pick ’n' mix, selecting the best ones for everyone attending and now listening to your presentation.

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Andy O'Sullivan is an international bestselling author of 5 books on public speaking, pitching and presenting. Andy is a speaker and educator on the subject of how to survive and thrive in the business world with effective public speaking, pitching and presentation skills.

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Andy O'Sullivan – Public Speaking Expert, International Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Educator
Andy O'Sullivan - International Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Educator

Public Speaking Practice For Captivating Content

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