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Learning, Growing and Succeeding with Public Speaking

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Do you ever have public speaking opportunities at external meetings?

These meeting invitations my come for areas such as at a: -

  • Local networking association
  • A community club
  • A religious group
  • Special interest society

You may even have the opportunity to speak at larger events such as a seminar or workshop.

Public Speaking

When you have the opportunity to speak at external meetings, it will benefit you to know some details of the people who have previously presented at the meeting or event.

Once the invitation has been confirmed, some questions to consider asking the organiser or person inviting you to speak are: -

  • What did the organiser like about the previous speakers?
  • What subjects did the speakers cover?
  • What do they feel the other speakers could have done better?
  • What was the feedback from attendees?
Public Speaking

You may find that the meeting organiser or the attendees felt the past speakers were: -

Too technical in the content they shared at the meeting

Presented information the meeting attendees already knew.

Had too many slides in their presentation.

Could have helped attendees by providing resources.

The information received will help you when creating your speech as it can be incorporated into your content and the message you would like to convey to the attendees.

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Learning, Growing and Succeeding with Public Speaking

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