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Public Speaking Tips to Growing Your Skills

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You’ve practiced your presentation, delivered it at the meeting and now naturally wonder how well it really went. These public speaking tips will ensure you know how well you did and how to be even better next time.

Public Speaking Tips

A quote I love from Dale Carnegie is: -

There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.

This was certainly true in many of the presentations that I gave when first starting to speak in public.

To confidently know which of the 3 speeches Dale Carnegie was referring to after your presentation, aim to record them on your smart phone. A colleague will able too easily and discreetly record the presentation for you.

Recording and yes, watching the recording is a wonderful way to grow your public speaking skills.

While watching the recordings of your speeches can seem uncomfortable, it's well worth doing.

You're likely to see that your presentation was much better than you thought or recalled.

Watching the recording several times will allow you to focus on a single area at the time.

Some of the areas that will be worth you taking the time to review are your: -

Do you smile at the start of your speech and at appropriate times?

Do your hand gestures and movements reinforce the point you are making?

Do you occasionally relax them to your sides?

Speaking Area
Do you move with a clear purpose?

Do you speak clearly and at a volume level everyone will be able to hear?

Eye contact
Do you make smooth and purposeful eye contact with the audience?

Reviewing each of these areas will help to ensure you grow your public speaking and presentation skills.

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Public Speaking Tips to Growing Your Skills