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Sharing Resources in Your Presentation

You will find it can help with the success of your presentation to have additional resources available online to help attendees.

Presentation and Public Speaking

Examples of the resources you may like to make available in your presentation are documents, websites, and videos.

When the location of the resources you include in your presentation are on sites with a long address, you will find it will be easier for people to type them out correctly if a URL shortening service is used. 

URL shortening can be achieved with many of the free and premium services like: -

  • bit.ly
  • goo.gl
  • tinyurl.com

When a website address has been shortened with one of these services, you will be able to share the URL like this: -


Rather than: -


This makes it much easier for attendees attending your to correctly type into their browser and likely to take advantage of the resources you have made available.

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Sharing Resources in Your Presentation