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Speaker Introduction - Having The Right Things Said!

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There will be occasions when you will be formally introduced at the meeting at which you are delivering a presentation. In these circumstances a speaker introduction script will be crucial in in setting the scene for your presentation.

Speaker Introduction

When you are going to be introduced, carefully create and send in advance to the organiser a speaker introduction script.

The speaker introduction script will include what you would like said by the person introducing you.

The introduction is your opportunity to share with the audience why you are the person to be speaking to them.

Share why and and how they will find it worth their time listening to your speech.

Consider what it is that you would like the meeting attendees to know about you, your experience and the subject of your presentation?

Your speaker introduction script may include your: -

  • Name
  • Role
  • Department
  • Awards or achievements
  • The subject of your presentation
  • A big promise on what they will discover

Aim to cover each of the key points you’d like shared in a few short paragraphs.

A short speaker introduction script will make it easy for your introducer to read and be long enough to create interest both in you and your presentation.

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Speaker Introduction - Having The Right Things Said!

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