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Menace of Mistakes in Your Speeches and Presentations

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When speaking in public, we can all make a slip up or mistake. That’s OK! There is another mistake you can make in your speeches and presentations that’s far more dangerous and liable to destroy your credibility.

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Recently I was thrilled to be invited to join the judging panel at a prestigious public speaking competition.

Each of the speakers presented a well-crafted speech that was designed to capture everyone’s attention, especially the judges!

One speaker caught my attention when he opened his speech by reciting the first two lines of a Lionel Richie song.

A confession here… I’m a bit of a Lionel Richie fan.

As I didn’t recognise the lyrics, I did what any self-respecting fan would do….and asked Google.

Sure enough, the lyrics weren’t from Lionel Richie but by a singer called F.R David.

It took me just seconds to check the information, so I must wonder why the speaker didn’t take the time to confirm the singer of the lyrics when including them in his speech?

Whenever you’re speaking in public, carefully check that all of the facts included in your presentation are accurate and up-to-date.

Your audience can check them on their smartphones in seconds, just as I did with the song lyrics.

If they find just one figure or fact that you’ve given is incorrect, they will start wondering if all the other information is correct and your credibility will be destroyed.

The speaker in the contest lost points under the ‘researching the topic’ criteria on the judging form by not taking a few seconds to check the singer of the lyrics — valuable points that may have lost him the winner’s trophy.

Take the time to ensure you never lose out by always having accurate and up-to-date information in all your speeches and presentations.

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Andy O'Sullivan is an international bestselling author of 5 books on public speaking, pitching and presenting. Andy is a speaker and educator on the subject of how to survive and thrive in the business world with effective public speaking, pitching and presentation skills.

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Andy O'Sullivan - International Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Educator
Andy O'Sullivan - International Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Educator

Menace of Mistakes in Your Speeches and Presentations

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